Transfer Google Files from one Google Domain Account to Another

May 14 2015

Drive Migrator: If you have your own Google Domain and ever want to change to a new one or have a school Google Apps for Education account and change districts you may want to take your files with you. It is one thing to share them with a personal account to have access to those files, but if/when the district account is deleted, all your files owned by that account will be gone and gone forever. Sharing files from one Google Account to another does not give the new account ownership. The "owner" of the file can unshare, move or delete the file taking away your right to view it. One way to move the files so you will always be able to keep them is to share them with your new account and then make copies of each file. When you make a copy of a shared file, you create a copy that you own. However, that process can be time consuming and if you are like me having used Google Drive for many years and have 43 GB of files in your Google Drive it can take forever. Plus, all your new files will start with "Copy of" but you will at least own these files in the new account and when the old account is deleted, your files will be safe. If you are looking for an easier way to keep your files, use Drive Migrator. In order to use Drive Migrator the files you want must be shared with your account in some way. You can be a viewer or editor, it does not make any difference. You just have to have access to them in the target drive. 

Use the link above to install the app as an extension on Google Chrome and give it permission to do it's job. Using the original account, create a "copy" folder and move files and folders into this folder and share it with your new account. Go to your new account and open the app. Select the folder you want to copy and wait. Once you get an email in the new account you can view the "Backup" copy of the folder. Organize your files the way you want. You now own them and don't have to worry you might mess up the files for the original owner. 

Using this script will save you tons of time and enable you to take your files with you when you leave an organization. Learn more at

I just used this app to move all my files from one of my domains to another. I'm trying to eliminate of my domains and save a little time and money. 

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