Intro on Blogs and Podcasts

Jan 31 2006

Okay…maybe I’m a little slow here, but I’m just now allowing myself to check into blogs and podcasts. I have been listening to podcasts from Bob Sprankle and his students and from David Warlick. Podcasts and blogs seem like an incredible opportunity for our students. Blogs remind me so much of a discussion forum but more public and podcasts are simply audio recordings. I want to make these opportunities available to our students in BISD.


To learn more, I now have my own blog site, here. I am using DNN (DotNetNuke) and a domain name that I already had that was mostly just taking up cyberspace doing nothing. My brother switched my old html site to a DNN site in a matter of seconds. WOW.. amazing.. now I just need to figure out how to make it pretty and useful!

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