Knowing Your Students Level of Comprehension

May 16 2012

A great teacher is constantly assessing students and adjusting their learning activities to meet the needs of the learners. Many teachers do this naturally, but even the best can get better and technology can help. Student response systems, also called CPS or clickers, are being used by teachers all over to quickly assess student comprehension. While some clickers can be used for open ended questions, most teachers use them for simple T/F, Yes/No and multiple choice questions. However, the collaborative 21st century classroom calls for more than multiple choice questions. How can teachers quickly gather more indepth information about the depth of comprehension of learners during the class when she can make immediate alterations in the learning process? The web offers many possibilities.

A few suggestions include the use of:








Blackboard Collaborate



gosoapbox image

GoSoapbox provides a back channel for students, allows them to indicate whether they are "getting it" or are confused. Students can ask questions and vote for questions by other students so the teacher knows which questions are most important to address. Teacher can quickly poll and quiz students. GoSoapBox provides real time learning analytics allowing the teacher to instantly respond to the needs of the learners. 

GoSoapbox is offering a 45 free trial. If you really like it, you will have to pay after that. If you want to know the pulse of your learners, it may be worth it. Check it out. 

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