Note Taking on an ipad

May 19 2011

Since the 1990's I have loved to take notes by creating mindmaps. When teaching 5th graders, I even taught them to use mindmapping to take notes and construct relationships, meaning and gain understanding by making mindmaps. The value of mindmapping was so fascinating that I secured the domain name I made my own notebooks with fold out 17X8 in. paper and took pride in the cool notes in a variety of colors and loaded with images. Other people often asked me to share the notes or referred to them as a record of meetings or workshops. I graduated from the folded paper and a plethera of pens to a tablet PC with OneNote. Digital Age, here we come. With the tablet PC, mindmapping was still possible, but now the words on the mindmaps were searchable! OneNote can search handwritten notes for specific words no matter their orientation. Empowering! After acquiring an iPhone, I discovered Evernote. Evernote allows  notes to be taken with the iPhone's camera or with the keyboard. The best part is that I now had access to my notes from anywhere! Then at NECC, I was introduced to the Livescribe Pulse Pen and enjoyed trying it out and taking notes with a real pen again. The notes were searchable and when uploaded to the website, were available online. However, Evernote's interface is much better than Livescribe's interface. Evernote's upload is seamless, but Livescribe requires an extra step to get notes on the Internet. Livescribe is a great product, but then I got an iPad and put down the Pulse Pen to give note taking on the iPad a fair trial. It was good using Evernote, but typing all my notes is very limiting and after a little research the Griffin stylus was ordered and the neu.notes iPhone app downloaded. Love at first Doodle! Mindmapping with the iPad and a Griffin Stylus and Evernote. What a trio!

Sometimes it is hard to give up one technology to test another, but that's how to learn which one is better and what should be recommended for teachers and students. It is also how to discover so many great products.

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