Schlechty Webinar

Nov 30 2010

Just participated in a free webinar with Phillip Schlechty on his new book Leading for Learning. Steve Hargadon interviewed him. is doing an incredible job of providing interesting, educational and free webinars. Thank you Learn Central!

Schlechty emphasized the importance of community in educating our children and how local communities should have more control over local schools. He mentioned that it should be a local decision about when to go to school and what is important to learn. I know I was personally disappointed and down right angry when the State set such tight guidelines on the opening and closing dates of school just so Six Flags and other employers could have a more consistent work force. I never understood why we should base our school calendar on what made it easier for businesses. I think the learners should be the first priority.

Schlechty also mentioned the difference between learning from life and learning at school. He compared milking a cow to pacing your learning. He learned that it is better to pace yourself than cram before the test because life taught him you can't get the same amount of milk from a cow when you milk it once a month instead of every morning.

Listen to the interview at

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