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Aug 21 2010

As my husband watched the Cowboys play in a pre-season game and I lay on the couch resting from cleaning house and yard work waiting for the dryer, a tweet caught my attention.

"I'm broadcasting the #elh2010 conference LIVE now. KEYNOTE speaker @ewanmcintosh on in a few minutes:"

I clicked on the link and watched Ewan McIntosh's Keynote address for ELH 2010 Technology Conference near Melborne, Australia. While it would have been much nicer to be there in person, it was still great, participating from my couch. Here are some comments and websites from Ewan's Keynote.

Design thinking | immersion | synthesis | ideation | prototyping

First Day of school, use a Google form to find out what types of technology your students have so you can take advantage of what they have.

"Even web/cloud based services can be safe learning environments. Still many schools building replicas & spending unnecessarily."

During this conference, "take some ideas forward & build prototypes for learning" He talked about creating a safe environment where things can be tried and tested and where it is okay to fail. I think high stakes testings make it very hard to create those types of learning environments.

He also mentioned schools without bells. I know elementary schools go without bells, but I don't know of any secondary schools that are removing the bell schedule. It would be nice to be able to allow students the time to work on projects without having to move to the next thing, before they are ready.

Ewan has set the 100 hour challenge for educators - follow your desires/aspirations for 1 hour every day for 3 months and see what happens.

Websites from the Keynote

Project based learning with contextualisation for the hometown of your students. shows students how much things have (sometimes) changed. - not open to the public, yet.

Thank you Steve Collis! @Steve_Collis

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