Epic Fail Day

Aug 11 2010

Here's my entry into the Epic Tech Fail Day stories.

I am responsible for the technology staff development of teachers in a middle to large school district in Texas and during our recent week long staff development event I taught a class on Twitter, Polls and Surveys. We usually have this staff development event at one of the high schools, but due to construction it was held at a middle school. Everyone brought their laptop so they could load TweetDeck and use their Mac or PC instead of the student computers in the room. They also were required to bring their cell phone. After we started we discovered that the wireless in the room was very poor and things moved so slowly, that they either used the ethernet cord from the student desktop or changed over to the student computer. Then when we got out the cell phones, no one had reception inside the room. They had to move around in the hall to get reception so they could respond to www.polleverywhere.com poll example or participate from their computer. Since I was trying to show them how to use their cell phones in the classroom, it was very disappointing! It is hard to anticipate all the things that can go wrong when using technology, but checking that a URL is accessible for students before introducing it is a good practice.

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