TCEC CTAT Conference 2010

Jul 15 2010

I’m attending the TCEC Conference in Dallas, this week on Career and Technical Education. I would love to be at BLC10 in Boston and missed ISTE2010 in Denver this year. Budget cuts really hurt! It is very interesting to observe the difference in attitude and access to technology at conference geared toward technology and those that are based on curriculum, like TxASCD and TCEC. When I attend a non-tech conference, I sometimes want to scream, “Come into the 21st Century with me, folks!” After two years of suggesting that CTAT provide wireless for conference attendees, they are providing this year. THANK YOU CTAT!
My notes for available on Twitter at with the hashtag #TCEC2010 and in MyWebspiration through at the following links.
Kim Green’s general session presentation at
Depth and Breadth of CTE Curriculum Integration
CTE Policy and Procedures Forum
Okay. CTE Policy and Procedures does not sound exciting, but it is so important that CTE district leaders begin to create policy and procedures to put all those “unwritten” rules for clarification and to create equity among programs. CTE programs are so varied that one program will not know what the other program does and many of them follow a different set of rules for funding and participation in student organizations or travel. The different programs in a district should all play by the same rules, but if those rules are not written and shared, how can they?
If you would like to join me in creating a document that district CTE leaders can use as a guide for creating district policy and procedures, go to and request to join the wiki. I welcome your collaborative efforts and expertise. Come on… you know you want to!

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